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Settlement Agreements

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Settlement Agreements – What are they?

A Settlement Agreement is a legal document that, in employment law, ends the employer-employee relationship. It is quite common that the employer will suggest the use of a Settlement Agreement.

When a Settlement Agreement is drawn up, its terms will be specific to whatever scenario has led to it being drafted. While most of the terms of the Settlement Agreement will be subject to negotiation, the vast majority of these agreements normally allow an employee to vacate their role with an employer, in exchange for their waiving any rights that they have to bring an employment law claim before an Employment Tribunal.

Primary Employment Law Areas

Settlement Agreements

During the life of the employer-employee relationship, circumstances may arise that lead the parties to consider terminating their relationship. Alternatively, businesses may be struggling and might be forced to reconsider their staffing needs. These are achieved through the use of what are called Settlement Agreements.

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Unfair Dismissal

To establish unfair dismissal, it is important to prove – you must show that you have been dismissed – it may be obvious – where an employee has been fired. Equally – you may have been made redundant or felt obliged to resign. Or if your employer opts not to renew your contract may amount to a dismissal.

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Employment Tribunial

Recently the number of Employment Tribunal cases has increased significantly.  Our Employment Law solicitors have significant experience. Preparation is key – we will meet, get the facts and advise you accordingly. If the matter is to proceed to a Tribunal we will prepare all of the relevant documentation and witness statements.

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